Seek Intuitive Wisdom

seek intuitive wisdom

By Teresa Lampmann, Spiritual Director and Author

Learning to trust what we know in our heart is true takes courage in a world where our inner knowing is not valued as true wisdom.  Yet we are biologically designed with systems that evolved to direct us on our journey, and they can only be accessed by going within.  We connect with our intuitive wisdom by listening to that still small voice nudging us with physical signals, emotions, feelings, and images that surface when we stop, look, and listen.*

Let’s Get Started

From now through June my posts, twice a month, will focus on how to strengthen your relationship with your inner knowing, your intuitive wisdom.  By becoming consciously aware of this inner source of wisdom offering you guidance, you can build confidence in making decisions you know are best for you.  This offers the opportunity to live your life feeling the joy that comes from being true to yourself.

In my next post I will define intuitive wisdom and how she communicates.

Following that post I will show you how to translate her signals and understand her guidance.

Each post will continue with additional information and tools to build your confidence in trusting your intuitive wisdom to guide you.

The tools will help you  practice, observe, and track your progress.

Why does this matter?

When you have a strong connection with your intuitive knowing, you take responsibility for making the decisions that you know support the true you.  That makes a world of difference in the direction your life takes.  Listening to your inner guidance is a pathway to real joy and a life lived happily ever after.

Share Your Story

Are you ready to develop a stronger, more confident connection with your intuitive wisdom?  Share your comments in the section provided.  Follow this blog to receive each post in your email.

*Lampmann, Teresa T. The ABC Path toward True Wisdom: A Woman’s Guide to Trusting What She Knows in Her Heart Is True. Bloomington: Balboa Press, 2017. P 2.

Teresa Lampmann completed a certificate program in women’s spirituality in 1998 and two certificate programs in spiritual direction, one in 1997 and recently in 2015.  Her book, The ABC Path toward True Wisdom, offers stories, reflections, and personal rituals to engage women in trusting their heart for the truth about what matters most in their lives. 

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