Your True Self Knows What Is Best

Your True Self Knows What is Best

By Teresa Lampmann, Spiritual Director and Author

Building confidence in trusting your intuitive wisdom leads to building confidence in being your true self and living your best life.   By listening to your inner wisdom, you are following guidance that’s best for you.

In this blog series on intuitive wisdom I have introduced my definition of wisdom as a matrix of three sources that relate specifically to our lives as women:

  • Our embodied experience as women which only we know and understand,
  • Our inner “soul-map” as women which knows who we are and why we are here,
  • And Divine Wisdom that is ever present and ever guiding our journey to connect with our true selves and be the powerful women we are designed to be.

I grew up hearing the phrase “women’s intuition” used with a smirk, meaning it was without logic and not to be taken seriously.  Fortunately science is now demonstrating that women do have certain biological advantages over men that offer credence to our intuitive natures.  That’s why I now name our matrix of intuitive wisdom the Wisdom of the Feminine. 

For me the phrase Wisdom of the Feminine represents the universal availability of these three wisdom sources to all women for insights to guide our journey.  It is through our relationship with our Knowing Wisdom, our Soul Wisdom, and Divine Wisdom that we find our way to the wholeness of who we are, our true self.

However, for those of us who grew up ignoring our intuitive natures to be compliant with a world heavily vested in logic, developing a healthy relationship with our intuitive wisdom takes time and practice.

Building Confidence

The first step in building confidence in your intuitive wisdom is to learn to look and listen for the on-going guidance.  To do that you need quiet time.  That’s why in the previous blog the instructions for the activity began with selecting a time and place where you could sit quietly for 15 minutes and tune in.

The next step in building confidence is learning to translate the signals you receive into messages.  You begin by looking at the things that attract your attention during your quiet time as metaphorical, meaning they offer an analogy for something going on in your life.  Metaphors are wisdom’s way of providing insights that only become evident when you pay attention.

For example, imagine yourself sitting quietly and thinking about something that happened during the day when suddenly your arm starts to itch, so you scratch it.  If you look at this as your body offering intuitive wisdom in the form of a metaphor, you would ask yourself, “What is it about what happened today that is getting under my skin?  Then you would give yourself time for your mind to connect the dots and offer an answer.

Now to the heart of today’s blog, how can you trust that you understand the message correctly?

Your heart plays a key role in trusting you translated a signal into a metaphor, and a metaphor into a message for guidance that’s true for you.

Here’s how.  When seeking intuitive wisdom, take time to center yourself in a deeply felt sense of love.  When you ask for insight, align yourself with the desire to know what is truly going on, so you can respond to the situation from the best that is in you.

Your heart knows what rings true.  Being centered in that loving intention will bring a clear picture that calls you to honesty with yourself and others.  When you act from this loving place of clarity, you give expression to your true self and it feels right.

True Wisdom generates that “aha!” insight that leaves no question in your mind.  It is not a result of mind chatter, but from some instinctive, intuitive, and knowing place within and you feel its truth.  The ABC Path toward True Wisdom, p. 18.*

Trust your mind, body, and feelings to let you know what’s true.  Paying attention to the signals generated by your body in response to thoughts about a particular situation or event, can guide you to look at what’s happening from a different angle.  This can break through old patterns of thought and invite new insights.

In my next blog I will offer more ways your intuitive wisdom sends signals as metaphors to reveal insights about something that needs your attention.  For more  information about knowing when to trust your intuitive wisdom and when it is not appropriate, read the chapter, “A Word of Caution”, on pages 18-19 in my book, The ABC Path toward True Wisdom.

Share Your Story

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True Wisdom
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Lampmann, Teresa T. The ABC Path toward True Wisdom: A Woman’s Guide to Trusting What She Knows in Her Heart Is True. “A Word of Caution”, Bloomington: Balboa Press, 2017.

Teresa Lampmann completed a certificate program in women’s spirituality in 1998 and two certificate programs in spiritual direction, one in 1997 and recently in 2015.  Her book, The ABC Path toward True Wisdom, offers stories, reflections, and personal rituals to engage women in trusting their heart for the truth about what matters most in their lives. 

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