Divine Wisdom Is On-going

Divine Help Is On-Going

Track Your Progress in Understanding Divine Wisdom’s Metaphors

Teresa Lampmann, Spiritual Director and Author

In the previous blog I talked about metaphors as Divine Wisdom’s communication system and your intuitive wisdom as the translator “connecting the dots” to offer insight. The more you look at your experiences throughout the day as opportunities for guidance on your spiritual journey as a woman, the more you are likely to see the feminine matrix of your embodied wisdom, your intuitive wisdom, and Divine Wisdom fully engaged in directing you to be your true self.

Where will you see evidence of Divine Wisdom’s on-going guidance?

By believing everything happening in our lives has meaning, we establish a mindset that opens us to find meaning in everything. The ABC Path toward True Wisdom, p. 79.*

Look for the presence and participation of Divine Wisdom to appear through:

W- aking experiences that seem to stir your heart
mages that surface uncensored during reflection
ensations in your body that call your attention to a particular area
reams that generate particular emotions through interesting or surprising scenarios
bservations of strong feelings, positive or negative, being stirred in you 
iracles, those mysterious coincidences when everything aligns perfectly and the resources you need appear, or the time you need opens up, or the circumstances that seem impossible become possible through no effort on your part

Each of these situations is an invitation to look for Divine Wisdom’s guidance, trusting your intuitive wisdom to translate the insight for you.

Build confidence in trusting your intuitive wisdom.

  1. Notice when something attracts your attention.
  2. Take time to sit quietly, center in a place of heartfelt love, and explore a possible connection with something going on in your life.
  3. Take note of what is revealed and what action or response it suggests.
  4. Pay attention to what you are feeling and determine the best way to proceed safely and truthfully.
  5. Take action – follow through with what you feel is the best way to go.

The more you engage in translating those experiences that attract your attention into guidance, and take action on what you receive, the more confident you will become in trusting your intuitive wisdom to show you the way.

Track your experience with your intuitive wisdom.

  1. Take time to assess the outcome.
  2. Note when your intuitive wisdom and your response were spot on.
  3. Select or create something you can designate as a memento for what happened.
  4. Place it in a location where you see it every day.
  5. Label it with a title that captures what happened and date it.

By selecting a tangible marker to acknowledge these meaningful encounters, we train our minds to be consciously aware of the potential for guidance in all that occurs.   The ABC Path toward True Wisdom, p. 79.*

Why have tangible markers?

When you begin noticing the Wisdom of the Feminine (my name for the feminine matrix of your embodied wisdom, your intuitive wisdom, and Divine Wisdom) are fully engaged in directing you to be your true self, it is awesome!  But that wonder and surprise are short-lived as you second guess what just happened.  There is that “Aha!” moment and then the impact can quickly fade as life’s busy-ness takes over.

Taking a moment to feel the truth of that connection helps affirm in you that it is valid.  Selecting or creating a marker you title and date gives you a tangible reminder.  As these markers begin to accumulate, you have more than a memento for remembering it happened, you have a tracking system that acknowledges your growing connection with your intuitive wisdom.

What do you do with the insight you receive?

In developing a deep trust in your intuitive wisdom, there is more to it than the “aha!” insight you receive.  At the heart of your deepening connection with your intuitive wisdom is how you follow through with what you know is true for you.  In my next blog I will share more about the process of taking action on the wisdom you receive.

*For more information on tracking Divine Wisdom’s on-going guidance, read the chapter, “Locating Landmarks” pages 79-83 in my book, The ABC Path toward True Wisdom.

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True Wisdom

Teresa Lampmann completed a certificate program in women’s spirituality in 1998 and two certificate programs in spiritual direction, one in 1997 and recently in 2015.  Her book, The ABC Path toward True Wisdom, offers stories, reflections, and personal rituals to engage women in trusting their heart for the truth about what matters most in their lives. 

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