Your Truth Shines Through Your Actions

3-4 Your Truth Shines Through Your Action

The Power of Taking Action

Teresa Lampmann, Spiritual Director and Author

As I mentioned in my previous blog, developing a deep trust in your intuitive wisdom involves more than the “aha!” insight that stirs you with awe and wonder.  Wisdom is being offered to guide you on a path to your wholeness and well-being.  The important next step is to take action.  The more you follow through on the wisdom you receive, the more confident you will become in trusting your intuitive wisdom.

Take Action – But Stop, Look, and Listen Before You Leap!

You have received an insight and you are ready to take action to support what’s true for you.  Stop for a minute to look deep within and listen to those feelings stirring in you.  When deciding what action to take, follow these safeguards.

  1. When asking for insight on any issue, always center in love and open your heart to listen for the truth.  This ensures that wisdom will emerge from the best within you.
  2. As you consider what action is best in response to the wisdom you receive, notice what you are feeling.
    1. Actions from a sincere sense of love for self and others invite honesty, openness, transparency, and compassion, all of which offer the potential for growth toward wholeness and well-being.
    2. Actions that are controlling, manipulative, or harmful to you or anyone else are generated from a place of hurt, anger, frustration, or pain and are more likely to perpetuate the wounding you feel.
  3. Choose to take action from a deep centered sense of love.
  4. If fear or ill will clouds your intention, it is a signal to seek help from experts in the field of counseling and address what needs healing.

Intuitive Wisdom Will Show You the Way

Your intuitive wisdom is generating feelings to show you what needs your attention.  Sometimes it is a situation, and sometimes it is you that needs tending.

A woman came to me concerned about a situation that was driving her nuts.  I don’t remember the details of her frustration, but she was consumed with the annoyance every day and wanted to know what to do about it.

To connect with her intuitive wisdom I suggested she take a few minutes to reflect on all the events of her previous day, and then capture what she was feeling during each event by drawing on sketch paper.  She was to draw lines, swirls, squiggles, or any free form marks to convey what she was feeling in each situation.  (My spiritual director introduced me to the power of simple sketches to open my heart for wisdom’s guidance back in the mid-1990s.)

When she finished we looked at how she captured the emotions flowing throughout her day.  Rather than analyze what we saw we wanted to “feel” the message, let it speak to us emotionally.

I was struck by how pleasing her lines were.  There were lovely swirls, waves, stars, and lines creating an appealing movement and flow across the page.  Off in one corner was a small sketch with sharp edges.  I asked her about that section and she explained she drew that area when connecting with the situation that was consuming her.

When I asked what she felt her intuitive wisdom was offering, she smiled.  To her the drawing offered a reality check on the frustrating situation.  It showed up as a small blip in an otherwise lovely day.  She was surprised and relieved when she saw the issue put into perspective.  Now she could address it from a place of caring and compassion.  The situation wasn’t the problem; it was her over reaction that needed tending.

Do you trust your intuitive wisdom enough to take action?

At the heart of deepening your connection with your intuitive wisdom is how you follow through with what you know is true for you.  It takes courage to reclaim your personal power through your connection with your intuitive wisdom.  When you ask the hard questions, the insights you receive can be challenging.  Be centered in your heart when taking action in response to the insights and you will be aligned with the best in you.  The power of taking action is in creating a life that honors your truth and your gifts.

In my next blog I’ll talk more about challenges and risks involved in trusting your intuition.

*For more information on working with a sketch pad and pencil as a conduit for intuitive wisdom, read the chapter, “Timeless Treasures” pages 127-131 in my book, The ABC Path toward True Wisdom.

Share Your Story

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True Wisdom

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