It’s Time To Heal Our Broken Wing

Why Seek A Relationship With The Divine Feminine?

Teresa Lampmann, Spiritual Director and Author

I have been using the term Divine Wisdom when engaging with the Divine Feminine for years. In meditation and prayer and throughout the day I direct my intentions to Divine Wisdom as a feminine source for divine insight and guidance. It was in September 2013, during a training seminar in spiritual direction that, in the quiet moments of contemplation, I had this exchange.

“Divine Wisdom”, I asked, “What do you want your sons and daughters to hear?”

What surfaced in response was: “Men cannot claim their feminine side to fully heal to wholeness until women claim their full feminine power and name it themselves so men have access to the True Feminine – not the distorted version of the feminine available today.”

In my pursuit of a relationship with the divine feminine, I have always felt very strongly that it is women who are to define that relationship through our experience as women. This is not to be divisive, or to place the Divine Feminine as better than the Divine Masculine. It is to invite a more authentic insight into the true nature of the feminine through women’s embodied experience. Then men have access to a deeper, more authentic expression of their feminine side.

Growing up in a patriarchal world has given women a very clear picture of the masculine way. But we only have men’s perspective as the definition of the feminine way. For centuries men alone have defined the feminine based on their personal experience and suppositions of the way it is. To me the most profound example of that miss-step was the development of the theory of “penis envy” for women’s psychological ills. Only a man wrapped in his own projections could have come to that conclusion.

Here Is My Concern

The current movement in humanity’s spiritual awakening is toward a sense of oneness, a unity and respect for all that is. I am in agreement with that. But there is a risk of another “miss-step” in our evolution if the feminine way is not fully defined by women first. Women have been modifying the truth of who they are for centuries to fit within the male definition and a patriarchal culture. For the most part, we had no choice. It was life threatening to do otherwise.

Women are just now opening to who they truly are, seeking what is in their heart, and giving voice to what they value. As more women find their voice and step into leadership roles, to be seen as well as heard, those things women value and hold sacred are becoming priorities. Women who seek a relationship with the Divine Feminine are awakening to a heart-centered wisdom that connects through creativity, intuition, emotions, and relationship. They are reclaiming parts of themselves they never knew existed.

It would be a mistake to leap from a masculine dominant spirituality to a focus on wholeness, oneness, and a unified relationship to all, without taking the most critical step in healing to wholeness -reclaiming a relationship with the Divine Feminine. Bypassing this step, especially for women, has catastrophe written all over it.

We are A Broken Wing

Imagine the human spirit as a magnificent bird with an immense wing span. The right and left wings represent the feminine and masculine working together to lift the whole body to soar gracefully to unimagined heights. It knows no limits.

But what if one wing was broken, or crushed, or underdeveloped because it has been shackled? That is my concern. The Divine Feminine has been suppressed, crushed, maligned, and banished. To soar gracefully to new heights, the Human Spirit needs to be healthy and whole, it needs its broken wing mended.

Before we can embrace our sense of oneness and a unified relationship to all, we need to heal our relationship with the Divine Feminine. Time is needed for more and more women to reclaim their truth and no longer modify who they are to fit the patriarchal definition of the feminine. This is the path to women becoming the true embodiment of the Divine Feminine and providing men access to the true nature of their feminine side.

This healing of our relationship with the Divine Feminine is underway, but it is in the initial stage. It is a significant first step toward healing the human spirit and bringing our world into balance. Given time, it is this true relationship with the Divine Feminine that will lead to transforming our relationship to everything in the Universe, and open us to our sense of Oneness.

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True Wisdom

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