Loving Illumination

By Teresa Lampmann, Spiritual Director and Author

My exploration of the Divine Feminine began in the dark. Without much to go on for images of the divine other than the male pantheon from my Judeo-Christian background, I turned to gender neutral references to break through the “stained glass ceiling” limiting my spiritual journey. Light opened me to a connection with a Source of Love inclusive of all beings.

Love Is the Flame Within

During meditation on Light in those early years, this message surfaced:

Loving Illumination is All That Is. All that lives is solidified light in a rainbow of colors illumined by Love.

Like stained glass when light shines through, the colors are illuminated, glowing radiantly and exhibiting the richness of their essence and design.

When one light touches another light – both glow more brilliantly. Respond to others in such a way that their light grows brighter and their colors glow more brilliantly.

Love is the warm flame within that illumines the spectrum of colors inherent in each individual. When light shines from the outside, form is opaque. When light shines from within, form is translucent, and revealing, and true colors and patterns emerge.

Be a channel of loving illumination so that all you meet glow more radiantly, revealing their own unique and beautiful pattern of colors. January, 1989

This spoke to my heart and illumined my path toward “a journey that challenges the illusion of power as a masculine force controlling our universe and demanding our obedience.” The ABC Path Toward True Wisdom, p 5. The “stained glass ceiling” appeared as an opaque boundary because I was trusting an external authority for my truth. When I turned within to seek my truth, I could see the stained glass was translucent, simply needing an inner light to illumine its true colors and design.

Share Your Experience

When have you felt the loving illumination of another that moved you to glow more radiantly, revealing your own unique and beautiful pattern of your true self? Share your comments in the section provided.  

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Teresa Lampmann

Teresa Lampmann, founder of Wisdom’s Delight, LLC, completed a certificate program in women’s spirituality in 1998 and two certificate programs in spiritual direction, one in 1997 and recently in 2015.

Her book, The ABC Path toward True Wisdom, offers stories, reflections, and personal rituals to engage you in trusting your heart knows the truth.

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