What’s Really Important?

By Teresa Lampmann, Spiritual Director and Author

As more people are getting vaccinated, and restrictions are being lifted, the question becomes, what’s really important now? We have been isolated and socially limited since March 2020. So much changed during that time as we adapted to a different way of living. As we return to more interactions with people, more social engagements, become pulled in more directions, and for many, return to the workplace, what is your heart telling you is important to remember, what is your take away from these past 15 months?

Taking quality quiet time to reflect on what is important to us develops an on-going relationship with our true self and aligns our energy with our true priorities. The ABC Path Toward True Wisdom, Quality Quietude, P. 113.

As a new rhythm settled into a routine during the pandemic, what did you learn about yourself?

For me, life slowed down to a sane pace. I spent time writing, cooking healthy meals rather than eating out, gardening with my husband, Zooming with family and friends. I found a better balance between responsibilities, commitments, and my needs; and I paid attention to what gave me joy.

For example, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed preparing meals, something I hadn’t done in years. When the kids were growing up it was always a negotiation process to determine what to make for dinner that they would eat, and rarely did that turn out well. No joy there! As a retired couple we ate out a lot. (New Jersey is famous for their diners! Extensive menus, good food and lots of it, at low prices!) When everything closed due to the pandemic, I had no choice but to cook for the two of us.

I discovered I loved it! My sisters enjoyed sharing their favorite recipes with me. Testing new recipes was creative and fun. And fortunately, my husband is a good sport and was open to taste-testing everything. This completely flipped our lifestyle. Now, I would rather cook than eat out. I get a great deal of satisfaction in preparing delicious meals and after 15 months, I have fine-tuned the necessary cooking skills and gathered enough yummy recipes to relax and enjoy making homemade meals when our children visit.

Breaking established routines isn’t easy and this upheaval in our lives was unprecedented, but it gave me the chance to discover what’s really important in my life – to slow down and savor my relationship with the divine, myself, my family and friends, and this Earth.

Share Your Experience

What have you learned about yourself through this pandemic? What change in routine do you want to continue or discard when all pandemic restrictions are lifted?

To get the most from this post, share your experience with a trained spiritual companion. When you listen to your heart for the truth, some established beliefs may come into question. Working them out on your own can be like trying to apply make-up without a mirror, you can’t be sure of your accuracy.

A spiritual companion serves as your mirror. She (or he) is trained to listen with an open heart and reflect back what she is hearing you say that captures the spiritual wisdom of your experience. As with looking in a mirror, you can see if what she is saying conveys what is true for you, or if you need to clarify a few points for a more accurate reflection. This dialogue, called spiritual direction, opens you to a deeper awareness of the divine light, love, and joy guiding your spiritual journey. 

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Teresa Lampmann, founder of Wisdom’s Delight, LLC, completed a certificate program in women’s spirituality in 1998 and two certificate programs in spiritual direction, one in 1997 and recently in 2015.

Her book, The ABC Path toward True Wisdom, offers stories, reflections, and personal rituals to engage you in trusting your heart knows the truth.

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