Gaze With Eyes That See

By Teresa Lampmann, Spiritual Director and Author

A starry night is an amazing reminder of our own infinitesimal presence in a galaxy more immense than we can imagine. As I look into the vastness of a clear starry night, I connect with the sense of belonging to a much greater reality than I see on the surface of the Earth. I am aware of being an integral part of a wondrous universe in which every component is orchestrated to move in harmony and balance, with sound, rhythm, and movement creating the music of the spheres. I am reminded to gaze at my own life and attune to my rhythm, to move through the course of my day in harmony with what’s in my heart. I remember that I too am part of the symphony of the universe and being in tune with my truth sounds the clearest note.

Reflection: Where do you see harmony and balance in your life? How do you contribute to the balance and harmony of all life?

Listen With Ears That Hear

When I sit in silence under a starry night sky, I tune in to what’s going on with me. I shift to a deeper listening of the galaxies in motion within me, the cycles, patterns, and rhythmic movements vibrating as one unified life. It is incredible to listen to the beat of my heart and know every cell in every part of my body is pulsing in harmony, moving in rhythm, synchronized to support my life. I am reminded to align my intentions to be in harmony with my true self, so I too am supporting my best life.

Reflection: When have you listened deeply to what’s in your heart and moved effortlessly into a rhythm of being your true self?

Love With All Your Heart

As infinitesimal as our presence can seem under an immense starry night sky, we too are a beacon of light when we open our heart to love. By tapping into that infinite wellspring of love at the heart of who we are, we expand our embrace of life and radiate a presence that lights up our world and vibrates in harmony with the universe.

Reflection: When has love opened you to trust your heart and embrace a new path? How did that light up your world?

Share Your Story

What stirred in you as you read this story and reflected on these three questions?

To get the most from this post, share your experience with a trained spiritual companion. When you listen to your heart for the truth, some established beliefs may come into question. Working them out on your own can be like trying to apply make-up without a mirror, you can’t be sure of your accuracy.

A spiritual companion serves as your mirror. She (or he) is trained to listen with an open heart and reflect back what she is hearing you say that captures the spiritual wisdom of your experience. As with looking in a mirror, you can see if what she is saying conveys what is true for you, or if you need to clarify a few points for a more accurate reflection. This dialogue, called spiritual direction, opens you to a deeper awareness of the divine light, love, and joy guiding your spiritual journey. 

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True Wisdom

Teresa Lampmann, founder of Wisdom’s Delight, LLC, completed a certificate program in women’s spirituality in 1998 and two certificate programs in spiritual direction, one in 1997 and recently in 2015.

Her book, The ABC Path toward True Wisdom, offers stories, reflections, and personal rituals to engage you in trusting your heart knows the truth.

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