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This blog is focused on encouraging women to trust their heart for the wisdom they seek on their spiritual journey.

When you…

  • Explore the wisdom at the heart of your experience as a woman,
  • Learn the language of your embodied, intuitive knowing, and
  • Gather with other women to explore your collective wisdom…

you discover you are designed with an internal source for guidance that aligns with the truth of who you are and why you are here.  

Divine Wisdom

In my book, THE ABC PATH TOWARD TRUE WISDOM: A Woman’s Guide to Trusting What She Knows in Her Heart is True, I personify this feminine wisdom as Divine Wisdom, a knowing source that speaks from your heart.  You hear Her voice guTrue Wisdomiding you when you quiet your mind to listen – especially when you are:

  • Wrestling with life-changing decisions, or
  • Struggling with tragedy, sorrow and loss, or
  • Seeking fulfillment and joy in your life.

It is this heart-centered wisdom that is missing in our world today, a wisdom named and defined through women’s experience.

Women’s spiritual, emotional, and embodied story is expressed through metaphors, symbols, and rhythms that speak to what women value as relevant to a whole and healthy world.  Collectively these stories give voice to the universal values women hold sacred

What have I seen on my quest to discover women’s spiritual story?

  • Women reclaiming the natural rhythms of their bodies as sacred rhythms with life-giving, life-renewing relevance
  • Women reclaiming the divine design of their minds, with neuronal pathways for intuition and instincts necessary to the survival of the human race
  • Women reclaiming their emotions as powerful indicators of the truth of their experience, offering insight and direction on their journey
  • Women reclaiming their spiritual connection with nature to reveal truths that withstand the test of time
  • Women reclaiming the sacred experience of sitting in circle with other women, sharing their truth, and aligning their power to bring the world into balance
  • Women reclaiming their true selves and living a more authentic life aligned with what they love, what nourishes their soul, and what gives their life meaning

When you speak from your heart, the truth of your experience as women emerges.  When you live in alignment with what you know in your heart is true, you are the embodiment of Divine Wisdom.


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