live life joyfully each day

Live Life Joyfully Each Day!

What gives you joy?  In a world of fear, doubt, and a sense of chaos perpetuated by the news and media – dare to be different.  Here is a 5-step process to live life joyfully each day! 

each season has its beauty

Each Season Has Its Beauty

Nature has a predictable cycle of seasons, and each seasonal change brings its own beauty, gifts, and joyful wonder, as well as challenges. Our life changes are not as predictable, but they have the same potential for beauty, gifts, and wonder when we are prepared. I explain how in this blog.

nature knows when to let go - do you?

Nature Knows When to Let Go – Do You?

There is a magnificent oak tree in our backyard and autumn is the season she releases her seeds to blanket the ground before winter sets in.  She knows to let go to allow new life the potential to burst forth!

abundance is nature's plan

Abundance is Nature’s Plan

September is apple picking season, a time to appreciate the abundance woven into nature’s design! And it is the Autumn Equinox, a time to look at bringing balance into our endeavors.

Freedom's Call. To she who lights the way to freedom...

Freedom’s Call

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sheroes unite for what's right

Sheroes Unite for What’s Right

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